Freyathlon was due to finish before the Olympics Closing Ceremony in Rio on 21 August 2016.

I’ve now completed 40 of 41 sports. Sailing is the one I haven’t yet managed to complete – one date had to be cancelled because blue green algae filled the lake, and another date had to be cancelled because there was no wind! But I’m confident I’ll complete this event soon!

I wanted to complete as many of the sports as I could in and around SE London (because that’s where I live and I wanted to find our what activities were available locally) and I wanted as many events as possible to be no or low cost (because I don’t believe being active has to break the bank).

Turns out a lot of activities are available near where I live, and having a go at 41 of them hasn’t cost me a great deal. At the end of each blog post, you’ll find a link to the group or organisation where I completed the event and details of costs. And some events cost nothing. Result!