Badminton Part 1

Apart from the players, you need three elements to play badminton: racket, shuttlecock, net.

If one of those elements is missing, it’s difficult to play a game. So I’m not counting my first session with Lewisham Badminton Club as the Freyathlon badminton event. Despite great efforts by club organisers David and Cedric, the man with the key to the gym cupboard which stored the nets could not be located the evening I turned up to Prendergast School.

Badminton, to be continued
Badminton, to be continued

But 11 of us were there. We played on four courts, lobbing shuttlecocks between us over imagined nets. It was fun. And I need to go back for the complete experience.




Prendergast School, Hilly Fields

Cost: Free for first session then £5.00