When did you last…

When did you last hear something that made you happy?

Today I was told: ‘I think we can see you again in 12 months.’

And it made me happy. Very happy.

In February 2013 I finished chemotherapy treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma and I’ve been meeting with my consultant – or one of her haematology team – regularly since then. We started with monthly meetings and it’s gradually moved to six months. We’ve discussed my blood, holiday plans, weight gain, fitness, emotions – and more.

Today we moved to annual meetings. And it’ll stay annual for another five years – unless I spot anything I think the team should know about. I’m ready for the change, and I’m glad the haematology team will be able to prioritise someone who needs their care and support more than I now do.

I always mark the end of cancer treatment by doing something I’ve never done before and that makes me happy – riding a horse, running 10km, swimming 25m, swimming 1700m.

This year I’m running 50 miles in one month. I’m one week in and I’ve run 19km. That makes me happy.

When did you last do something you’d never done before? Something that makes you happy?